Property sale appraisal

The property investment valuation figure than just the selling price of housing. A solution that can often sell more quickly the house or apartment.

Pricing to sell house quickly is not necessarily obvious as the criteria to be considered are many. The solution: is to use a property professional expert who can help you realize the sell my house fast dream. "It gives a price in line with the market on the basis of evidence. To be as objective as possible, it must be done by an expert who has no interest in the transaction, "reports our evaluation.

The expertise allows you to sell more quickly in conditions suitable to meet the seller and the buyer who is going to buy my house fast. Another advantage: it is reliable because the serious expert becomes responsible for the information it provides to its customer through documents such as the opinion of value or valuation report.
In the light of developments in the housing market, the life of a property valuation is about six months. After this time, it could be obsolete.
Estimating house price online

To give you an idea, you can estimate the housing on the Internet, for example on our web site under Online Evaluation.

You fill out a questionnaire that includes thirty questions. They detail the characteristics of housing, state general technical characteristics through the elements of comfort. Your answers are then analyzed by software that compares to the thousands of information in our database using the method by comparison (see the article The criteria for estimating the value of housing). This service is free



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