Laser Hair Remover

A Laser Hair Remover is actually a highly specialized piece of equipment that is used by professional clinicians and doctors for hair removal. LHR is one of the most popular methods in use today for hair removal. It is virtually pain free, affordable and produces amazing results. The process is done in sessions, usually six are recommended. A session can be as short as five minutes for the upper lip or chin and over an hour for the back or legs. The results after one treatment are dramatic and most would think that is enough, but is essential to follow through and complete all of the sessions. The reasoning behind this is simple; hair grows in cycles and since LHR targets the melanin in the hair follicle, the follicle must be in an active growth cycle to be removed effectively. Repeated treatment guarantees permanent results. The follow up maintenance treatments do not require six sessions, but, they do differ for each individual. Your clinician will discuss an appropriate schedule with you. LHR is also less time consuming, less painful and more economical than traditional treatments such as; waxing, shaving, creams, or electrolysis. The one confining aspect has been the skin type;
Light skin with very dark hair gets the best results. Now with advanced LHR becoming more available tanned and dark skin types can also benefit from LHR. It is still not recommended for blond, gray or red hair and peach fuzz. However, a good clinic, doctor or spa should be able to recommend viable treatments and is worth researching. Bottom line; do your homework, ask questions and check with your doctor before beginning any treatment.