Laser Hair Removal Risks

Any medical procedure has risks and that’s why it’s necessary to consult your physician before beginning LHR. The contraindications can include; pre-existing skin condition, trauma or scar tissue to desired treatment sight, skin cancer etc. A simple exam can save you a lot of time and possible serious consequences. Even if your doctor gives you the go ahead there are still some very real risks, some are temporary like redness or swelling to the treated area. These can be easily treated with topical creams or they will subside in time.

Of course if the treatment area is visible then some considerations might have to be taken (time off from work or not scheduling social engagements) to avoid being uncomfortable or embarrassed. Even though LHR is relatively painless some have lower thresholds of tolerance. This too can be treated by the clinician with creams and or prescribed medication. However, this is temporary and should only occur during and after treatment for no more than a day after.

Another temporary side effect is the possible discoloring of the skin in the treated area called Hyper-pigmentation. This will eventually correct itself and just calls for patience.

There are some permanent side effects as well, and while these are rare, they do occur. If you are at all concerned talk to your doctor and clinician before you start and make sure you are comfortable with the answers and have a good understanding, don’t start until you do. The following items we are going to discuss are not meant to scar you off from considering LHR, this is just information.
Skin discoloration: Just as it can be temporary it can also be permanent. This is especially true of dark or tan skin.

Scaring: This is rare and usually happens at the hands of an improperly trained clinician by over-treating the area. Burns: Again very unusual, but, a poorly trained clinician or technician is more likely to make this error. Burns can be very painful and potentially serious.

Bottom Line: protect yourself by being well informed and knowledgeable of the treatment.



Laser Hair Removal Risks