Advanced Laser Hair Removal

Advanced Laser Hair Removal (LHR) uses the newest method of laser light (lasertrolysis); infrared pulses of light delivered in under a second with a customized cooling tip that immediately freezes the surrounding cells while simultaneously delivering a targeted infrared pulse to the melanin in the hair follicle.

The process is performed in sessions, with a minimum of six sessions for most small areas such as; upper lip, chin or back of the neck. In many instances small areas can be combined into one session lasting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Sessions for over an hour are necessary for large areas like the back and legs. Even though the results are dramatic after the first treatment, don’t skip the rest! Hair grows in cycles and the sessions are designed to target hair when it is actively growing. While other LHR methods are recommended for light skin with very dark hair, the infrared pulse can be applied to all skin types.

As with any medical procedure, check with your doctor first to make sure you don’t have any pre-existing skin conditions, or trauma to the area you are considering for treatment. Also, research the service you are going to use and ask yourself these questions: Is the clinic, spa or doctors office set up appropriately for this procedure? IS the treatment area clean and free of clutter? Is the equipment clean and well maintained? Are the clinicians, doctors or technicians properly trained and are certifications posted and current?

By securing this knowledge beforehand, you can be sure that you will not only be pleased with the outcome, it will be money well spent.



Advanced Laser hair removal