Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is a widely used method of hair removal. It is safe, effective and affordable. Most laser hair removal is done in sessions or treatments, usually 3 to 8 depending on the location and coarseness of the hair to be removed.  LHR works by concentration of light impulses with high heat to specific areas of melanin, which is what gives skin and hair its color

There are 2 kinds of melanin found in hair, however, only one hair type, dark (black or brown) works with LHR, this type of melanin is called eumelanin and responds to the absorption photons while blond or red hair follicles do not. But, all is not lost as there are several other methods that are available; electrolysis, creams and waxing are all well known and viable alternatives. There are some important aspects to consider with Laser Hair Removal; commitment to the treatments, budgetary concerns, and the clinician are the top ones in my book.
Commitment: Don’t start something you can’t finish. Listen, ask questions and make sure you understand what is involved. Make sure you go to all sessions; otherwise you run the risk of not only missing your goal but wasting everyone’s time and your money.

Budgetary Concerns: With any service to enhance your self image you plan, you research, you ponder, you put aside money for it….what you don’t? Well you should. It makes whatever you are considering more real and appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you have all the resources one could desire or if you have to save or pick up a temporary position. Respect your goal and you will be happier with your decision to choosing laser hair removal or electrolysis treatment.

Clinician Skill and Professionalism: Okay, you have finally arrived at the jumping off point and are ready for Laser Hair Removal to work its magic. Whether you are being treated to grow hair faster or looking for laser hair treatment, all you need is a skilled, experienced and professional clinician to do the procedure. Your best bet is to check them out in advance, stop by the spa or clinic or doctors office (some plastic surgeons do this themselves or have clinicians on staff), and ask some questions, show up with an unexpected treat for the staff and it will be a great little chat!















Laser hair removal